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The Journey

The narrow lane was flanked by a tall overgrown hedgerow, giving way, ever so often, to a rusty metal gate offering a glimpse of what lay beyond. We had driven this way many times, but today was different. We were surprised to see thirty or more small black and white mares with foals in one of the hidden fields. Our little car was slipped into reverse and once stopped we found ourselves face to face with some of the most inquisitive, colorful creatures. They had come to the gate for thier own investigation! This moment was the beginning of a journey with the small drafty horse locally known as the Gypsy's coloured ponies whose sole job was to pull the family's living wagon (Vardo) and worldly goods. We had seen them on the verge of the motorways and in the village, but this time our interest was caught by sheer number present at the gate. Before we had even packed the cottage in preparation to moving back to the States, we were making arrangements to purchase and transport three yearlings.

With over sixty-four years combined working horse experience, one would think enough was enough and so begins a new chapter with a flashy, amiable, hairy horse. A horse we think is worth getting to know and invite you to share the journey.

Gabe, Eiri, Aggie & Clara

Gypsy Vanners at CHF under the rainbowChocolate Horse Farm is home to a small band of select and colorful horses imported from England. Often called Vanners, they are known in the United States as Gypsy Cobs or Horses, Gypsy Vanners (Gypsy Vanner Horse Society), Irish Tinkers, Tinkers, and so on. The names are a reflection of registry affiliation as well as their history as the "Traveler's" colourful ponies.

Also known as Gypsies, the Romany tribes have been breeding this small draft for many uses, principally driving. They display many years of crossbreeding the native English draft and pony breeds. Shire and Clydesdale Horses and Dales and Fell Ponies being the most commonly used. An inquisitive and amiable equine with tremendous eye appeal, they have become extremely popular in Europe and North America.

We share not only the vision of our friends in England, but are equally committed to the standard set forth by the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.


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