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CHF TravelerCHF Traveler
2006 Gelding
Sire: EW Colin of Brackenhill
Dam: Helena's Sarah - GV00490F/GHA00240 
(see her on our mares page)
GrandSire: Tom Price
( D:Franks Mare S: The Lottery Horse)
GrandDam: The Midget Mare
(D: The Wagon Mare S:The Kent Horse)



CHF ClaraCHF Clara
13.3 hh
Sire: Talbot's Cracker
Dam: Lora of Martock

CHF Clara is the epitome of a laid back horse. Loving and quiet - and quite white, for some flash!

With half sister CHF Aggie, these two mares are the product of full sisters, Lora and Lucy, and Talbot's Cracker. Clara is truly her mother's daughter, just as Aggie is truly her father's daughter!


CHF Aggie CHF Aggie
14.1 hh
Sire: Talbot's Cracker
Dam: Lucy of Martock

Aggie is very straight forward and energetic, started under saddle, being shown, and showing great promise!





CHF OtisCHF Otis
March 18, 2013

Sire:  Talbot's Sparky
Dam: Lora of Martock

"The horse in gait and temper turned out perfection-all spring and spirit, a joyous animal. All his ways are those of an animal brought up without curb, whip, or spur, trained by the voice and used only in kindness."

         ~ Isabella Bird (1831-1904)

Talbot's Sparky

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